Strategy simulation game Players use strategy and battle the computer or other players to gain victory in various forms of the game, or a unified country, or explore an alien colony. Can be divided into turn-based strategy games and real-time system of two kinds, such as turn-based strategy game you like the "Three Kingdoms" series, "Sakura Wars" series; real-time-based strategy game such as "Command & Conquer" series, "Empire" series, " sand dunes, "and so on. Later, some media will simulate the operation, that is, SIM (simulation) games, such as "The Sims", "Sim City", "Rollercoaster Tycoon", "theme park" and so on.Real-time strategy game Originally belonging to a branch of SLG strategy game, but because of its rapid popularity in the world, so that slowly evolved into a separate type, visibility even more than SLG, a bit like now the relationship between FIFA and the IOC . Representative of the "Warcraft" series, "Age of Empires" series, "StarCraft" and so on. Later, also derived from the so-called "real-time tactical game" and more to control the way a team to complete the task, highlighting the role of tactics in order to "Commandos" as the representative.Fighting game Players control a variety of roles from the computer or another player-controlled characters for fighting games. Was painted by technology can be further divided into two kinds of 2D and 3D, 2D fighting game with the famous "Street Fighter" series, "Samurai" series, "The King of Fighters" series; 3D fighting games such as "Iron Fist", "up fighting." and so on. What type of game not to mention the plot, up to a simple scene setting, or background display, scenes, characters, manipulation, and so is relatively simple, but the operation is difficult, mainly rely on the player to determine quickly and micro-operation to win. [3] [9]STG = ShootingGame: Shooting games Shooting talking about here, is not similar to the "VR Cop" of the simulation shooting (shooting), but to a pure aircraft fire from the players to control various flying objects (mainly aircraft) to complete the task or pass of the game. Two types of such games, a flight simulation game called science fiction (Science-SimulationGame), non-realistic imagination for the content, such as "free space", "Star Wars" series; the other called the true flight simulation game (Real-SimulationGame), to the real world, based on the authenticity of the win, the pursuit of verisimilitude, to immersive feeling, such as "Ace Combat" series, "Su-27" and so on. [3] [10]PZL = PuzzleGame: puzzle game Puzzle of the intent is to develop children’s intelligence before the puzzle, the idea was all kinds of interesting puzzle game, in general for leisure, the most familiar is the classic "Tetris." [3]RCG = RacingGame: racing game In the computer simulation of various types of racing games are usually carried out in the game scene, very particular about the sound image technology, computer games often represent the cutting-edge technology. Thrills, realism and strong, deeply loved fans, representative of the "Need for Speed," "Ridge Racer", "motorcycle hero" and so on. Another theory called "DrivingGame". Currently, RCG more and more content, there have been some other modes of racing games such as rowing, and horse racing. [3] [11]CAG = CardGame: card game Players control the role model to battle through the card game. Card types makes the rich rich and varied nature of the game, giving players unlimited fun, representative of the famous "Three killed," series, "Game King" series.MUD = mud game The game relies mainly on word games, graphics as an auxiliary. In 1978, the University of Essex, UK Roy • Trudeau Buxiao prepared with DEC-10 the world’s first MUD games – "MUD1", is the first truly interactive, real-time multiplayer online games This is a plain text over the world. (This may be the source it is named MUD) Other works are: "knight-line", "Meridian 59", "King of Kings." First: to develop a broad heart. When you play online games lost, the heart will be with a broad face. Second: the tacit understanding. In online games, many of which are double game collaboration, which requires two individuals with the tacit understanding, real life, too, can do two people with the tacit understanding can score some achievements. Third: You can make friends. Through the cooperation in the network game, will know very many friends. One last point, is able to open their brains. While you play the game, how you want the opponent won, which activate the brain.


Curtain (英文网名注释:落幕)Allure Love (英文网名注释:倾城恋)Mo Maek (英文名翻译成中文:莫陌)Tenderness (网名翻译:温存)Flowers (英文网名注释:繁花)Poison丶biting (非主流英文网名翻译中文:毒丶刺骨 )Desperate struggle (伤感英文名字:拼命的挣扎)Koreyoshi (意境英文网名:惟美)Adam阿当*Eve夏娃(阿当-夏娃)Adolph阿当夫*Adolpha阿当芙亚(伟大的野狼)Alan阿伦*Alana阿伦娜(快乐的调和者-闪亮的公平者)Alexander阿力山大*Alexandra阿力山娜(同为超人的意思)Ashley阿瑟妮*Ashley阿瑟妮(居住在梣木地人的人爱大自然)Azarias阿沙勒斯*Azaria阿沙妮亚(得到上帝的祝福和帮助)BBaslilon巴沙里奥*Basilia马沙妮亚(国皇-皇后)Beverley拜佛力*Beverley拜佛力(海星般矜贵)Bing兵*Binga冰加(铁壸能成空洞发声音,多嘴的人)Blake碧*Blake碧(有正义气质)Brand宾*Brandy宾妮(上帝的孙儿如酒般清醇)Brian拜仁*Bryna拜女那(品德高尚)CClare基亚*Clara加拉(有艳光的)Carol嘉卢*Carol嘉露(权力者,永不言败)Castor嘉斯祖*Casta嘉斯泰(勇敢而勤力)Cecil西斯*Cecilla西西莉亚(隐身不见的音乐圣者)Chritian杰逊*Christine基丝艼(信主的)Clive基夫*Cleva基花(悬崖居住者)DDale德尔*dale黛尔(居住村庄的纯朴者)Daniel丹妮*Danielle丹妮尔(上帝是审裁者)Darcy德斯*Darcie戴斯(由森林而来)Darius戴维斯*Daria戴维亚(有钱人)Donald当奴*Donalda当奴达(世界的统治者)Dominic都文历*Dominica多文历卡(属于主的)


Curtain (英文网名注释:落幕)Allure Love (英文网名注释:倾城恋)Mo Maek (英文名翻译成中文:莫陌)Tenderness (网名翻译:温存)Flowers (英文网名注释:繁花)Poison丶biting (非主流英文网名翻译中文:毒丶刺骨 )Desperate struggle (伤感英文名字:拼命的挣扎)Koreyoshi (意境英文网名:惟美)Adam阿当*Eve夏娃(阿当-夏娃)Adolph阿当夫*Adolpha阿当芙亚(伟大的野狼)Alan阿伦*Alana阿伦娜(快乐的调和者-闪亮的公平者)Alexander阿力山大*Alexandra阿力山娜(同为超人的意思)Ashley阿瑟妮*Ashley阿瑟妮(居住在梣木地人的人爱大自然)Azarias阿沙勒斯*Azaria阿沙妮亚(得到上帝的祝福和帮助)BBaslilon巴沙里奥*Basilia马沙妮亚(国皇-皇后)Beverley拜佛力*Beverley拜佛力(海星般矜贵)Bing兵*Binga冰加(铁壸能成空洞发声音,多嘴的人)Blake碧*Blake碧(有正义气质)Brand宾*Brandy宾妮(上帝的孙儿如酒般清醇)Brian拜仁*Bryna拜女那(品德高尚)CClare基亚*Clara加拉(有艳光的)Carol嘉卢*Carol嘉露(权力者,永不言败)Castor嘉斯祖*Casta嘉斯泰(勇敢而勤力)Cecil西斯*Cecilla西西莉亚(隐身不见的音乐圣者)Chritian杰逊*Christine基丝艼(信主的)Clive基夫*Cleva基花(悬崖居住者)DDale德尔*dale黛尔(居住村庄的纯朴者)Daniel丹妮*Danielle丹妮尔(上帝是审裁者)Darcy德斯*Darcie戴斯(由森林而来)Darius戴维斯*Daria戴维亚(有钱人)Donald当奴*Donalda当奴达(世界的统治者)Dominic都文历*Dominica多文历卡(属于主的)…


暗影双刀 그림자 극 影舞者 그림자 隐忍 공차 黑暗刀神 하나님의 다크 소드 战斗英雄 전쟁 영웅 狂狼勇士 매드 늑대 전사 战神 화성 战童 전쟁 어린이 狼孩 이리 새끼 狼骑士 울프 기사 矛战士 스피어 전투기 战斧 혹평하다 战斧之魂 토마호크 소울 龙神 용 龙魔导师 드래곤 메이지 龙魔法师 롱 마술사 精灵族 꼬마 요정 妖精族 페어리 가족 大海贼王(不详) 海贼王(不详) 反抗者 반란군 反抗军 반역자 幻灵斗士 괴물 파이터 豹弩游侠 레오퍼드 크로스 보우 레인저 机械师 정비공 皇家骑士团 로얄 나이츠 天鹅骑士团 스완 기사 斩魔者 컷 악마 药剂师 약사 钝器战士 블런트 군인 谢谢 请采纳…



然后ctrl C复制 然后到你的昵称填写框 ? ?ctrl v ? 粘贴 ? ? 大部分游戏都可以粘贴上去的 ? 如果没法的话 ?就需要用到 ? 搜狗输入法的特殊符号输入【其他输入法类似】 ? ? 搜狗是ctrl shift M键可以呼出输入框 ?然后就照着你的日语名字输入就行了

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